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Musical theatre by Australian writers

A place to experience the best and newest material written by the Australian industry's own music theatre writers.

At Home Grown, we know how challenging it can be getting your work out there. We know what it's like to work like a slave creating something, and we know what it's like when faced with the question of 'what next?'. It's easy to be daunted by the rocky and fragmented road to production and that's where The Grassroots Initiative comes in.

The Grassroots Initiative is a long term scheme to provide a series of development opportunities for writers to hone their craft and skill, as well as develop a piece of work. This is born out of Home Grown's strong belief that the way forward to a strong industry of Australian made musical theatre is to pay due focus to development of writers and the skill of writing in this country, and not just the development of a piece for production.

Thanks to the continued support of the Victorian College of the Arts at The University of Melbourne, writers will have access to a number of hours rehearsal using the wonderful facilitates at the VCA, plus use of their theatre space to present a reading from which the Home Grown panel of industry experts will offer constructive and craft driven advice and feedback on your work, all without cost! 

The 6 musicals selected to take part in the inaugural Grassroots Project Readings 2016 were Bradley McCaw's 'The Oasis', Steven Kreamer & Alex Giles' 'In Stitches", Nicole Melloy & Derek Rowe's 'Bettie', Jess Newman's 'Einstein: Master of the Universe, Amity Dry's 'Famous', and Joel Paszkowski and Tom Reed's 'Stealing Picasso'.

Proudly supported by the Victorian College of the Arts.