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Hello and welcome to our brand new Home Grown website. We are so unbelievably thrilled to be launching this new element to our Home Grown initiative and have many exciting projects that will be appearing here over the next few months.

Now for a quick intro to our site. Our main goal here is to provide an information hub for the supporters, creators and lovers of Australian Musicals. To facilitate that, we have created an individual profile for writers who have appeared at our Home Grown events. Through these profiles, you can find out about their history, visit their website, learn what they're working on and even see songs from their performances at Home Grown.

We are also excited to launch our sheet music store. Ever wanted to sing a new Australia song for an audition, or a song assignment? Now you can can easily search for the genre or other specifics that you are looking for, or simply browse each composers library. This may look a bit sparse at the moment, but we are in the process of readying plenty of songs, so before long the store will be filled and getting bigger by the day. 

Our Home Grown events will be continuing as normal, and we'll have all the information you'll need here on the site. We'll also be updating this blog with interesting tidbits about the world of Australian Musicals, so check in every so often to learn something new!

We hope you enjoy this website and get plenty of use out of it. As time goes on we will be adding more and more resources for writers and supporters, so feel free to sign up to our mailing list and get the monthly newsletter which will detail all these projects as they arrive. 

Happy listening, writing, performing and browsing!