Home Grown

Musical theatre by Australian writers

A place to experience the best and newest material written by the Australian industry's own music theatre writers.

Sitting on the next hit and want to show it off?

Home Grown is for Music Theatre writers only.

Writers are asked to prepare three or four songs and enlist professional singer/actors to perform them.  Home Grown is able to assist writers in sourcing suitable performers.

Home Grown exists to facilitate the showcasing of your work. We handle most of the hard work for you; from organizing the event, to hosting the evening, we get the stage ready then hand the mic over to you! After that it's your turn. How each writer runs their block is in their own hands. But don't worry!! Our Home Grown team is right on hand to help out if you're new at this.  Home Grown is a unique link between audiences and new writing, and our community loves hearing the stories behind you, your work and the artists performing them. So have a few things to talk about, as well as your songs ready.

Likewise, responsibilty for securing performers and your program/the rehearsal of it lies chiefly with the writer(s) involved. Each writer is responsible for organising and rehearsing their own section in the lead up to the event, then for talking the audience through their section on the evening of performance. Home Grown aims to present professional quality performances at all times, and are more than happy to help you reach out to the perfect cast member.

In summary, writers should take special note of the following responsibilties:

  • You must rehearse your songs independently. The organisation of your rehersals is up to you and your artists.

  • For interstate writers or those who require assistance finding artists to perform their material, Home Grown is able to put you in touch with a number of suitable performers who have expressed interest in performing new Australian works.

  • The time commitments Home Grown requires are minimal but compulsory. Outside of rehearsals (organisation of which is the responsibility of the writer) these include:

    • Home Grown Event
      Home Grown was conceived to be a night where we as writers get to share our work with audiences personally. Writers are expected to attend the event and host their section; introducing songs, artists and giving the audience insight into your work and process.

    • Soundcheck
      Everyone is allocated time to run their songs in the space during soundchecks. This is only compulsory for those who's sound requirements necessitate a sound check. These are usually done in the few hours before the show (Usually no earlier than 5.30pm).