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More Australian Musical Album Goodness

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are so lucky to have another new Australian musical album available to buy, support and listen to, and the good news is it'll only take you a minute to access. Together Apart, a song-cycle by Nicholas Gentile and Lincoln hall has now been released on iTunes. 

Together Apart, according to Nick & Lincoln, is made up of sixteen songs that look at β€œthe connections we make in life, with family and friends, lovers and strangers. It includes a broad range of musical styles, from jazz to pop to music theatre ballad.”

We seem to be getting more and more chances to listen to the type of music being written by talented composers and lyricists all over Australia. It's something to be excited about and to support whole heartedly, especially if you want to see these shows on our stages in the near future.

So have a listen, buy a song or two or the whole album if you feel like treating yourself and enjoy some entirely original Australian song writing.